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Rules &
Fishing Zone 

A fairplay tournament 

Find out more about our tournament rules and discover the permitted fishing zone at Lake Lipno. We strive to organise the fairest possible battle in order to put the art of fishing in the foreground. 

Find the rules and fishing zone explained below. 

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The fishing rules

... for a fair fishing battle. 

1. The aim is to bring 18 fish (6 pike, 6 pike-perch, 6 perch) into the rating. At what time the fish are caught does not matter.

Each cm fish is 1 point. The sum of all points counts and the sum of both days will be counted together.​ In case of a tie the amount of caught fish counts.

2. Every team that manages to catch those 18 fish gets a full card and 500 BONUS POINTS!!!!

3. In the ranking „Most catches“ the amount of caught fish counts but just Perch, Pike-Perch, and Pike will be considered.


4. The rating takes place per photo on the ruler with the Hearty Rise Predator Cup rating-App. Every team needs at least one smartphone.

5. After the rating, the caught fish must be released immediately.

6.The Czech fishing law must be strictly observed and the statutory shipping regulations too.

7. A team consists of two fishers and no one more is allowed on the boat.


8. Forbidden fishing techniques: 

  • Baitfish are forbidden.

  • Trolling

  • Sweetening


9. Each team receives a GPS-Tracker and must carry it permanently on the boat. In case of defects, the team has to tell the competiton manager the position of the boat immediately. The participants agree with the electronic supervision. Leaving the competion sector leads to disqualification. Any leaving necessitated by emergencies must be reported immediately to the event manager.


10. At the lake it isn‘t allowed to slide with the boat and for the whole competition applies a speed limit of 15 km/h. The pace will be supervised with the GPS Trackers. Boats which are mesured with a speed over 15 km/h receive a yellow card (Two yellow cards lead to disqualification). 


11. The boats will be checked before the start for already catched fish.


12. Going on land is not allowed and will be counted as leaving the competition sector. Exception is the beach by the hotel Jestrabi. The permitted fishing zone is marked below. 

13. It is forbidden to enter no-fishing areas. It threatens the revocation of the fishing licence and disqualification.

14. There is a life jacket duty throughout the entire competition time. Fishing the competiton without life jacket is not permitted.

15. It is allowed to anchor with an electric motor.

16. The boat must be marked clearly with the dispensed starting number.

17. The minimum distance to the next boat is 50 m.

Don‘t cross the spot from a competitor


18. The participants are responsible for there own lifes and participate at their own risk. The organizer will not ​assume liability of any kind.


19. The organizer is qualified to interrupt or to cancle the competition as a result of bad wetter, higher power or any other kinds of unforeseeable circumstances.

20. With the registration and payment of the starting fee, the participants agree to apply and comply with the above-mentioned rules and regulations.


The fishing zone

The start takes place at the Hotel Jestřábí. 
The fishing area stretches from the Oberplan ferry to Hruštime. The lake marker km 42 is located on the shore. 


No claim to completeness and subject to change. The rules that are actually binding and valid on the day of the competition will be presented on site at the captain's briefing. 

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