Hearty Rise Predator Cup

The Hearty Rise Predator Cup originated from the

HardcoreBaits Predator Cup

and will take place in 2018 in its new form for the first time.
The Hardcore Baits Predator Cup took place in 2014 for the first time, it was then 25 boats at the start and was a one-day event.

The event was a success and shouted for a repeat, since then the cup has become a fixed event in October every year.

Unfortunately, we could not organize the cup larger than with 35 teams for reasons of space.

The goal of the past event was to host anglers' simple and fair predator fishing event.

Now is the time to break new ground and launch the HEARTY RISE PREDATOR CUP.

The HEARTY RISE PREDATOR CUP is now a 3-day event with 55 participant teams!

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