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The Hearty Rise Predator Cup is a catch, photo & release contest.

New Rules

18 fish have to be caught in 2 days

6 pike, 6 pikeperch, 6 perch

At what time during the competition they are caught does not matter.

For a full card there are one-time 500 bonus points


For the first time this year there is a prize for the

Team with the most caught fish !!!!!

The rating is done by photo on the ruler with the Hearty Rise Predator Cup rating app.
Each team has to carry at least one smartphone.
The caught fish are to be reset immediately and carefully after evaluation.

All caught fish must be entered in the catch list, even if they are not scored.

The Czech Fisheries Law and the legal shipping regulations must be strictly adhered to.

A team consists of 2 anglers, no other persons may be on board.

Only ART BAITS are allowed.
The trolling table is forbidden.
Feeding of any kind is prohibited!

Each team receives a GPS tracking device and has to carry it permanently on the boat.

In case of failure of the device, the team has to announce the position immediately.
The participants expressly agree with the electronic position monitoring during the Cup's.
Leaving the competition section leads to disqualification.
A leave required by emergencies must be reported to the event manager immediately.

At the reservoir no gliding is allowed and for the cup there is a speed limit of 15 km / h during the whole competition. The speed is monitored with radar gun and GPS tracker at the reservoir.
Boats measured at speeds over 15 km / h get a yellow card!
2 yellow cards lead to disqualification!

The boats are inspected before the cup. The team explicitly allows the organizer to control storage spaces and containers.
After checking, the boat must not be left except with permission!
Landings during the competition are not permitted and will be punished as leaving the competition section.
Exceptions to the shore leave only at the beach at the hotel Jestrabi after previous registration with the competition leader.
The competition section is marked on the issued map.
It applies lifejackets duty throughout the competition!
Anchoring with electric motor is permitted.
The boat must be clearly marked with the issued start number.
The minimum distance to the next fishing boat is 50m.

This also applies when passing by and must be strictly observed during the competition!
Boats up to 5 HP do not need a license, but proof of insurance.
Each participant is responsible for life and limb and fishes at their own risk.

The organizer assumes no liability of any kind.

The organizer is responsible for the competition due to bad weather, force majeure and other unforeseeable negative conditions.

to interrupt, to cancel completely or to cancel.
By registering and paying the entry fee, participants agree to abide by the above rules and regulations.
Gross violations lead to disqualification, lighter to a yellow card with 2 yellow cards leading to disqualification!
The entry fee will not be refunded.
The first 15 teams are automatically for the
Hearty Rise Predator Cup qualified next year.