Thu 16.09.21     07.00 o'clock training day
Thu 16.09.21    01.00 pm Handover:
Ruler, start number, card, documents for a deposit of 100.- Euro
The teams must be present at the latest at this time.
Thu 16.09.21  08.00 pm Capitains instructions 

Fri 17.09.21  7:00 pm control boat, issue daily mark
and GPS trackers
Fri 17.09.21 08.00 clock start
Fri 17.00 End of the first day

Sat.18.09.21  7:00 pm control boat, issue daily mark
Sat.18.09.21 8:00 am Start
Sat.18.09.21 17.00 pm End of the second day
Sat.18.09.21  8.30 pm Award ceremony

Open End

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